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Why should I buy a pre-programmed radio?

Ease & Accuracy

Buying a pre-programmed Baofeng UV-5R from PrepComms UK will achieve several vital things.

  1. You will know that it has been programmed by someone with three decades of expertise in Radio Communications. Eight of these years with the Royal Air Force.
  2. A thorough pre-sale check before it is shipped to you. Including Transmit & Receive Checks, battery charging test, double checking the frequencies and accuracy.
  3. The radio is sent to you ready to go. Simply take it out of the box, slot in the battery, screw on the antenna and turn on. You will find that your name (and callsign if supplied) comes up on the screen. This will prevent your radio getting mixed up with others.
  4. Friendly after sales service, including advice.
  5. Channels are named, you can only do this through using software.

Whilst I would always recommending learning how to program a radio yourself, this is often a daunting task for the new user. Whilst studying for your Foundation Exam you will have enough on your plate.

Some of the videos on YouTube are confusing and will use terms that you won’t understand yet. Phrases like ‘Splits’, ‘CTCSS’ etc are all things you will need to know in time. But you can rely on me to get these settings right for you now!

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