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Why the UK is moving to a flawed telephone system in 2025. What is the answer?

One thing that came to mind as my power went out on the 18th February 2022 was that thing I depend on for work, the Internet, was down and I couldn’t get anything done.

My landline still worked of course because that is powered from the telephone exchange.

However this shouldnt be take for granted. Back in 2021 news broke that the humble landline as we know it is going to be phased out in 2025 and replaced with a service that runs over the internet. Click here for BBC article.

This will have some benefits, clearer audio for instance and with a bit of luck the price of the calls shouldnt be too extortionate, but this technology comes with a downside.

As mentioned, your current landline recieves it’s power from the exchange. When we move over to the newer system, known is VoIP, you will be supplying the power yourself. If your currently landline is a DECT portable device then you will be partially used to this idea as you have to plug the base unit into the mains.

Come 2025 and you have your new shiny VoIP phone sitting on your hall telephone table (that’s still a thing right?) when the power goes… so will your telephone.

What are your options? Well if it’s a simple power cut then your mobile phone should work just fine, assuming you have a signal and the system isn’t suddenly overloaded, Christmas morning and New Years Eve spring to mind.

But if it’s like yesterday’s weather incident, Storm Eunice, then not only could you use your landline but your local cell tower could be wearing a trampoline that knocks it out.

If, like me, you believe in staying in touch with loved ones then radio is a natural choice. Join the thousands of preparedness minded people around the world who have their Amateur Radio licences and remain in touch when the country throws a wobbly.

Amateur Radio training is provided online by Pete Sipple from Essex Ham. His Foundation Online course is designed for the beginner and is completely free of charge! You can get your emergency preparedness radio from me here at PrepComms UK. It’s worth the peace of mind and you add a new skill to your list.

Paul – G7BHE. 19/02/2022

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