When will I get my radio? Fair question and the most commonly asked one. Providing your radio to you usually involves two stages. The first is programming and the second is despatch. Programming is normally taken care of pretty quickly. It takes me about an hour to process each radio from start to finish so I need to be able to allocate that time. I also have a day job so as soon as I can fit that in it will be done. However usually it’s 2-3 days maximum. Sometimes it takes longer but that is pretty rare. The despatch and delivery is in the hands of the Gods. Once I get it to the courier they usually take about 2-3 days. They should contact you with tracking information. But if not just ask and I will give you the tracking info. Finally, on very rare occasions I may be waiting for stock. I usually keep plenty in stock but there is the occasional run due to an event or publicity. If that happens it normally takes 3 days for me to obtain. All said and done, in general, you should receive your radio within a week. If I am ill or on holiday I will put something on the main page so you know.

The following information was included with a second sheet in your radio package. I have put it here now to save paper.

If you have asked for your local repeaters to be programmed in, then I will have programmed in up to three repeaters that are up to 15 miles away. They will be analogue repeaters that use FM only and will be in the 2 metre and/or 70 centimetre bands. Sometimes your local repeater may use a system called Fusion, which allows FM and Digital.

You will have noticed that the manual that comes with a Baofeng is pretty useless. If you are new to the hobby, it is well worth finding some resources online that help you learn what the radio does. Also, Baofeng packaging isn’t the best so if the plastic tray in your box is split this is very common. Furthermore, sometimes my suppliers tape the boxes together for transit. This can leave the boxes looking less than pristine. Please be assured that they are brand new.

The charging cradle you will receive is the later version made by Baofeng as they have moved away from the power adapter version. It is fitted with. USB3 plug but any USB socket will work fine.

Basic controls.

To find your memory channels, press the VFO/MR button. This toggles between frequency mode and memory mode. Once in memory mode, simply use the up and down buttons to get to the pre-set channel that you require.

VFO = Variable Frequency Oscillator / MR = Memory Recall

The radio is capable of monitoring two channels at the same time. These are known as A and B. A is on the first line of the display and B is on the second. To transmit on the B channel, simply press the A/B button to highlight the channel you want.

To transmit, press the PTT button on the side of the radio. Speak at a distance of three inches from the front of the radio.

Remember, DO NOT transmit on channels that you are not licensed to use unless it is an emergency.

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Amateur Radio is a hobby, it is for you to educate yourself on the operation of radio equipment. We will happily point you in the right direction, just ask.

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The reset option in the menu will delete the contents of your radio. I have not disabled it. If you accidentally wipe your radio, just contact me and we can get it sorted out with you.

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