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Now accepting Crypto payments

Hi everyone. There have been a few requests to pay using cryptocurrencies. I am happy to announce that I will now accept payments in the following coins:

Bitcoin Cash (BTC)

Stellar Lumen (XLM)

Ripple Labs (XRP)

Doge Coin (DOGE)

Binance (BNB)

In order to pay using one of the above currencies, please contact me using the details on the “Contact” tab above and I will explain the procedure.

Please note, if you want to pay using a cryptocurrency I ask that you know what you are doing as I can’t give you training or financial advice.

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  1. Dear Paul, I have two baofeng UV-5R and a yaesu FT-4X vhf transceivers but I just cannot get them to work. I have tried to use the Chirp software but as I don’t know how to use it I am totally lost. How much would it cost for me to send them to you to get programmed with the Scottish repeaters and the vhf band plan, I think there are 30 channels that I used to use many years ago. Thanks for your time, Dan McLean GM3SUZ

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