Can I have free training to get my Foundation Licence?


The Foundation Licence is an introductory licence to encourage new amateur radio operators to get a taste of the hobby, and to get on-air. As a Foundation licence holder, you’ll have access at low power to a range of different frequencies, but you can gain more power and privileges as you progress to the Intermediate and Full licences.

PrepComms UK preferred training partner is Essex Ham who run the popular Foundation Online course.

Getting a Foundation Licence will allow you to transmit on the VHF / UHF and HF bands up to a power of up to 10 watts, which with a modest aerial and radio will be enough to get you into much of Europe and beyond.

The Foundation Licence Manual is an essential part of the UK Foundation Licence. It’s a 42-page A4 book that explains all of the basics, contains handy bits of information for the newbie amateur, and tells you what you need to know to pass the exam.  Click to buy the paperback and Click to buy the Kindle version.

Essex Ham explain the Foundation Online Course

The Foundation Online Course lasts for 3 weeks and will prepare you for the Foundation Exam run by the Radio Society of Great Britain.

To find out more and to sign up for the free training, just click on the image below.

Free Amateur Radio Training from Essex Ham
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