Quality Programming Cable – FTDI Chip

Programming Cable


Programming cables for the Baofeng basically come in two different flavours. Good or pot luck.

If you want to guarantee that your cable will work as you want then you need to purchase one with the FTDI chipset. This internal gubbins works perfectly with Windows 7/8/10 without the need for you to add a driver.

I don’t sell the cables myself but I am often asked for recommendations so I have included it here for you to buy via Amazon. If you use this link then I get a couple of pennies back but I wouldn’t recommend them if they weren’t good.

Don’t forget, I also provide a remote programming service. So if the thought of programming your radio leaves you cold, I can do it for you. See here for details.

NB. The radio comes supplied with a USB charging base, you cannot program the radio through it.


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