Pair of 16 Channel Radios (Pre-Programmed)




If you were to look around the internet for information on these radios, especially on eBay or Amazon, then you will find sellers lying through their teeth about what they can do and the features they have.

I program these radios before sending them to you. Why? Because the factory programmed frequencies are completely illegal to use in the UK and you will end up with a knock on the door.

I program them to the 16 UK Private Mobile Radio (PMR) Frequencies so that they are compatible with the other radios that I sell. They will also be compatible with the pre-packaged walkie talkies that you buy from camping shops.

These are more powerful than the camping shop radios though and this is where I will dispel some of the fibs that other sellers will tell you.

Power Output. They will tell you that the transmit power is 5 watts. It isn’t. It’s actually about 2 watts.

They will tell you they are waterproof. Erm, no they are not.

They might tell you that they will transmit for 10 miles. This too is unlikely unless you have good height and no buildings in the way. Oh and flat terrain, a following wind and a magic carpet. Expect 0.5 to 3 miles dependant upon circumstances.

So why am I selling them? Well, they come as a pair and are half the price of the other radios I sell. They work and serve a purpose. IE, cheap effective comms. But it is important that you understand that I consider them to be entry level and the minimum for peer to peer comms.

Importantly, these are UHF radios and that means you will not be able to contact the Coastguard or any other operator on VHF. If you want that emergency feature, go for the Baofeng UV-5R.

The price includes programming and delivery. If you need any advice, just ask.


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