Baofeng Go-Pack


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Ideal for keeping in the car or in luggage when travelling.

This Baofeng UV-5R is pre-programmed by me just the same as all the others that I do. But this has the benefit of being supplied in a go-pack.

Please note that these particular radios are supplied with a UK power brick adapter to connect to the charging cradle.

Included in the pack:

Baofeng UV-5R in Camo colours.

Belt clip


Wrist strap


Go pack

Worlds worst manual


The Baofeng is a 5 watt transceiver which operates in the 2m and 70cm amateur bands

They are programmed up with your nearest 3 amateur analogue repeaters along with the following.

PMR channels

Business Simple channels

International Spqce Station

Marine VHF

Price includes delivery.


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