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Airsoft & Paintball Radios

Need comms for your Airsoft or Paintball team? You have come to the right place.

We sell pre-programmed radios with or without external microphones that are ideal for your teams uses.

Using either PMR or Business Simple Light radio channels you can get the advantage over others.

By having radios pre-programmed for your team you can have a bespoke set of channels that are individual to you and distinct from other teams.

Be aware of the other sites out there that lure you in to a simple Amazon click link for radios that are set to frequencies that are illegal to use here in the UK.

What channels do I program in?

You have the choice of PMR or Business Simple frequencies.*

PMR channels are free for public use but they are heavily used by airsoft players. Simple UK Light frequencies require a licence from OfCom. The currently cost £75 for 5 years and one licence will cover your entire team. Both PMR and Simple UK Light channels can be enhanced by using tone encoding (CTCSS) which prevents other teams from interfering with your signals.

I can arrange a Simple UK Light licence for you, if you like, for a modest admin fee, available from our online shop.

Radios can be supplied with an external lapel microphone, however most airsoft players prefer a military style throat mic or similar. I do not supply those but they are freely available via eBay etc.

What if your team already use a set of frequencies? Just let me know what they are and I will happily program them for you.

Radios are currently available in Black or Camo colours.


Additional information


Black, Camouflage


Radio Only, +Microphone, +USB Programming Cable, +Mic & Prog Cable


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